Every pair of Asymmetric Pumps is handcrafted in a small workshop in Parabiago, a town renowned for its footwear production. To ensure the highest levels of quality across our full range of products, Figini outsources some parts of the process to selected master shoemakers. Professionals who have dedicated their lives to mastering the art of shoemaking, learning from a generation of masters before and passing on their knowledge to the next.

And it’s the personal touch that’s evident in each pair of Figini shoes that makes them unique. What would be considered a blemish in the world of mass-produced products is a visual clue to the product’s origin and the traditions that endures.


Rebranding & repositioning of a +100 year old luxury brand


Figini Milano

What We Did

Brand Positioning Strategy
Visual Brand Expression
Launch of Online Store
Advertising & Marketing Campaigns